sexy anger…

31 05 2011

anger is sexy when we control it…like, when we’re on the brink of losing it…like…the ultimate brink where if just one more exhilarating cord snaps…a flame will ignite that would burn the whole side of the earth…off. sexy comes in when we…pull back…regroup…and deal.

am i angry? hm, i’d have to say that i’d describe my shade of anger as a sexy lavender. nothing hysterical, nothing vicious…more annoyed…yeah, more bothered. a bothered blushy sexy lavender. and to be honest, i know that anger feels good and is therapeudic and normal and natural. i know that all my best poetry comes from falling prey to the biggest, most silliest, most dramatic of angry thoughts. that’s the sexy part.

i got in to work this morning…a tuesday after a holiday of sun&fun…my coworker got in much later than i. so the only good morning i ushered was to the lady over. when my other coworker got in…the lady i said ‘good morning’ to said, ‘i’m glad you’re here, she’s not much of a talker. she’s too quiet.’ i guess she didn’t realize i’m not a fan of self-absorbed BS…the first seconds i got into the office she told me she was still sick and got a new car. firstly, my dear, we don’t really exchange pleasantries a whole bunch but i respect you and we’re cordial. i’m just not captivated by YOU…let alone myself, but if you’d like to talk about the weather, i’m down. it was something in the way that she said what she did that was snide. rubbed me the wrong way. maybe because my environment is BORG-like corporate america, we’re all supposed to fit in a box somehow. eff you and the box you rode in on. lol. now if she would have asked me how my weekend was…well maybe i’d dish. blah. who cares…

who cares…and why am i angry? shouldn’t i be, people are vastly suffering with health issues, diseases, poverty, war…and i’m angry? i shouldn’t be…but i so am…


where have i been

25 04 2011

i feel bad…i’ve so neglected my blog…i feel like everything i worked on is a wild, untamed lawn that has manifested and grown into a jungle. needs pruning, cuting…all while protecting the wildlife.

what’s new with heartbreak?

here’s quick history
saturday…saw ‘scream 4’ the series that started my ability to watch scary movies–not bad for a 4th installment-my disdain for hollywood films is growing–lack of story, plot, originality…diversity, especially as one could see from the most recent academy awards–that i did not watch. i can’t tell you the last time i haven’t watched the oscars.

pleasantly surprised by ‘limitless’

while watching movie previews for what is to come to mainstream theatres, i can understand why people don’t really pay ten bucks to go to the movies anymore. sadly.

last week…
last week, i was riding the waves of a superfun 7 day carribbean cruise with extra fun days in puerto rico

prior to…




holidays (yay)


hm…u see where this is going?

still writing reviews…
check out keren ann, earl greyhound, frank ocean



i plan on stopping in soon again.

loooong time…

25 04 2011

wow…feels like sliding into an old comfy yet sizeable sweater to be back on my blog again…after all this time.

i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry…i shall try my hand at being better.

i guess my last post was in july…it was sunny warm july.
now the cold hands of winter…are here.

hello good morning God bless

happy new year…i shall…i shall return.

i feel old…blah

1 07 2010

i don’t know what it is…but i feel old. i feel so old that it even stifles the way i feel i act and think. when people guess my age…they are either playing around with me and giving me a number way too young just for kicks or courtesy or a lil sumthing else or they genuinely feel that i’m young…looking.

anyway, opposite of the negativity that surrounds my job…i have a few friends who are younger than i, significantly. they are vibrant young women and i am excited about them and their future. they come over and talk to me and share. we encourage each other…we do lunch. we talk music, movies…all kinds of crazy and not so crazy stuff. we talk constantly about all things life. one in particular…is pretty special and has taken extra care in making sure there’s some sort of everyday conversation. and i just wonder why. sadly, i can’t understand the interest…’cause i feel so freakin’ old. and i just wonder why i’m so interesting to these young girls…and i wonder what they wonder…about my age because every time i’ve shared something really funny or what i’d call ‘deep’ … we’ve seem to make cool connections but i just can’t understand their appeal for me. i mean, i think i’m cool, in a nerdy sorta way and i love culture, art, travel. i dress young…i suppose…i think i’m funny and smart but…i can’t understand why they’d wanna hang out with me…spend so much time with me. i’m way older than these girls…but not really. but sort of. and i’m thankful, for sure.

i don’t try to be young. i like what i like. i love jay z and jeezy. i dance crazy to trey songz’s and tori amos . i dunno. but i’ve let my age cloud my vision so much…it’s almost all i think about.

i wanna write like bassey

29 06 2010

it’s funny how certain names come in and out of my mind’s eye or awareness. over the weekend…i discovered or re-discovered bassey ikpi…and was reminded of the weakness in my own world of words.

u might like…settle

23 02 2010

archer on fx

23 02 2010

my new favorite tv show is ‘archer’